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Access and Opportunity Challenge

By supporting financial aid, you can give the best and brightest students the opportunity to pursue their greatest ambitions.

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At Duke, we’re committed to creating a diverse, vibrant community of the most talented students, regardless of their financial capacity. We need your help to do this.

We’ve launched the Access and Opportunity Challenge to increase support for need-based undergraduate financial aid. Thanks to the leadership and generosity of Barbara ’75 and Fred ’73 Sutherland and The Duke Endowment, with the support of other key donors, we established a $20+ million financial aid matching fund that will leverage millions of dollars in additional gifts.*

"Duke's commitment to financial aid reflects one of our fundamental values: that access to a Duke education should never be limited by a student's financial circumstances. Investment in financial aid ensures support for a diverse, vibrant community of students who learn from one another and enrich our University."
Duke University President Richard H. Brodhead

Barbara '75 and Fred '73 Sutherland on their commitment to financial aid at Duke and the importance of the challenge

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David Rubenstein ’70 on the impact of philanthropy and giving back to Duke

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The Facts: Why is the Challenge Important Now?

Cost Of Support

Between 2005 and 2015, the cost of supporting need-based undergraduate financial aid more than doubled.

Cost In 2005 $M
Cost In 2015 $M
  • Financial Aid Support

    Almost 50% of undergraduates receive need-based financial aid because of your continued support.

  • Financial Aid Programs

    As generous as Duke's financial aid program has become, it still lags behind when compared to the top 10 Universities in America.

    Duke University Top 10

The Value of a Duke Education

Explore the real value of a Duke education and how financial aid fits in. Hear from those who know it best: our inspiring students and alumni.

*Generally, Access and Opportunity Challenge funds will be available for commitments between $100,000 and $500,000 over a five year pledge period. (For donors graduating within the last 10 years, the minimum gift commitment is $50,000.) These commitments must be directed toward need-based financial aid endowments for undergraduate students enrolled in Trinity, Pratt, Sanford, and Nursing. To learn more about which gifts qualify for this matching opportunity, and to be sure that matching funds are set aside for your gift, please contact your Duke development officer or email


We’re more than a campus in Durham; we are each of you. Only through your support can we continue to save lives, discover treatments and cures, reinvent education, and anchor communities around the world. Our fiscal year ends on June 30 – please make your gift today.