While the usual buzz of activity around the Harrington Quad is quieter than normal this semester, Duke Engineering’s students and faculty continue to be as busy as ever. Between finding ways to conduct in-person classes safely and creating hands-on learning opportunities for those still at home, the Duke Engineering experience continues to be vibrant and challenging.

Our signature First-Year Design class continues to introduce an exciting taste of real-world engineering to our new students. For students who aren’t on campus, many faculty and staff are sending kits to provide lab-like experiences wherever they may be. Kits have been very well received, and students are excited to use them. 

While this semester may look different, Duke Engineering’s curriculum is still focused on real-world design, disciplinary depth, student resilience, ethical engineering and entrepreneurship. The innovations and adaptations we’ve made this year would not be possible without the support of the Engineering Annual Fund.

With your support, I know that we can continue our ambitious mission to empower the next generation of alumni to use their knowledge in the service of society.

Ravi V. Bellamkonda
Vinik Dean of the Pratt School of Engineering