I have had many opportunities to address members of the Duke community in recent months as the university works through the complex, multifaceted issues brought about by the global pandemic and racial injustice. We cannot change this moment — but with the support of individuals like you, Duke can respond and continue to deliver a world-class liberal arts and sciences education. This means preparing our students, regardless of their location and personal situations, to become tomorrow’s leaders.

One way we do this is by engaging our students in current, real-world issues through our curriculum. We also make sure that we meet our students’ needs outside of the classroom. In times like these, our most vulnerable students rely on us even more to help meet basic needs — from health and wellness to food security and financial aid. The generosity of alumni and parents like you enables us to address these obstacles so they will not stand in the way of our students’ success.  

A gift to the Annual Fund is one of the simplest ways you can make a collective and immediate difference for students and faculty.

At Trinity, it is a privilege for us to do what we do, and your support is what makes it possible.

With gratitude,

Valerie Ashby

Valerie S. Ashby
Dean of Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
Duke University