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  • 3 reasons to consider a charitable gift annuity as part of your retirement strategy

    September 30, 2015

    3 reasons to consider a charitable gift annuity as part of your retirement strategy

    You've worked hard...for decades and it's about time for you to enter the next phase in your life, one in which you'll have time to catch-up on all those books you've been meaning to read, travel to those capitals (foreign and domestic) that you've always wanted to see, and perhaps volunteer for that charity you've always admired. It's called "retirement" and you've earned it.

    But retirement is something you have to plan for, particularly the financial part. How can you be assured that you will continue receiving the income you need and be free from the worry that you "won't have enough”?

    There are many answers to that question. Read on to learn more... Continue Reading ➜

  • A new home for the Calder mobile

    July 23, 2015

    A new home for the Calder mobile

    As you pass through the Duke Medicine Pavilion concourse, you may have noticed the colorful mobile hanging overhead. The delicate, red, leaf-like shapes dangling above immediately catch your eye. This beautiful sculpture has been a wonderful addition to Duke, and provides a source of enjoyment and comfort for patients and visitors alike. Continue Reading ➜

  • 5 Questions to ask before making a gift of real estate to Duke

    July 15, 2015

    5 Questions to ask before making a gift of real estate to Duke

    Charitable gifts of real estate, such as a vacation home, rental or investment property, farm, or (sometimes) a primary residence can make a big impact at Duke. Gifts of real estate provide scholarship support to numerous students, strengthen our academic programs, support athletic, engineering and other campus facilities. At the same time, a gift of real estate makes sense for many donors from a tax perspective.

    Here are five questions you should consider before making a gift of real estate to Duke... Continue Reading ➜

  • Top 3 reasons to make a charitable gift of privately or closely held securities

    June 12, 2015

    Top 3 reasons to make a charitable gift of privately or closely held securities

    Donating gifts of appreciated stock or other closely held business interests (owned for at least one year) can be a smart choice for those who want to make a charitable gift.

    Gifts of this type of security or business interest — often described as family, closely held, venture, restricted, or privately held—may provide a number of personal, financial and charitable gift benefits. Although the gift may require a bit more planning than writing a check…it can be well worth the effort! Continue Reading ➜

  • My Giving Story: Marie Giddings Parker ’60

    May 26, 2015

    My Giving Story: Marie Giddings Parker ’60

    With each new generation comes a greater appreciation of the generation before. For Marie Giddings Parker ’60, her mother was a source of inspiration who instilled in her the value of creating opportunities to help people reach their full potential.

    Parker’s mother, Antoinette Scienza Giddings Ralston, called “Tonee,” was a gifted artist who enjoyed painting and gifting creative projects to friends and family members. She was a first generation American who valued the importance of education, despite never having the chance to attend college.

    Parker valued her mother’s hard work ethic and determination to provide for her to have the opportunity to go to college. Parker fulfilled her mother’s hopes to pursue a college education when she enrolled in the Woman’s College at Duke University. During her undergraduate years, Parker studied abroad in France and discovered a love of travelling. Her time abroad was an invaluable part of her education. Continue Reading ➜

  • Jeff Howard ’76 and Carson Dowd Howard ’76

    May 20, 2015

    Jeff Howard ’76 and Carson Dowd Howard ’76

    “Duke opens doors to opportunities and challenges us to expand our minds and to pursue lifelong learning,” said trustee and former Duke Alumni Association (DAA) president Jeff Howard ’76 and his wife, Carson Dowd Howard ’76. As alumni and Duke parents, the couple continues to be inspired by the energy of intelligent and motivated learners at Duke.

    That’s why the Howards made a gift of stock to fund a charitable remainder unitrust to benefit DAA, Sarah P. Duke Gardens, and a student scholarship fund. “Our family is pleased to provide future students with similar opportunities to be challenged, grow, and contribute to their communities.” Continue Reading ➜

  • A mother’s legacy lives on

    May 14, 2015

    A mother’s legacy lives on

    It was college tour time, and Courtney Crump wasn’t planning on liking Duke. Some in her family even preferred a lighter shade of blue. But once on campus, she was a convert. “I found myself imagining living in Few Quad, eating at the Bryan Center, and studying in Perkins. I was really interested in DukeEngage and undergraduate research,” said Courtney, now a sophomore. “It felt like I belonged.” From the start, her student experience was everything she envisioned and more. The night of her freshman orientation, she remembers staying up until 4 a.m. discussing the merits of health care reform with her new classmates. “I’ve always wanted to be surrounded by academically minded people, and I found that at Duke. I’m amazed at how much I learn from my peers.”
    Continue Reading ➜

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