Charitable Lead Annuity Trust: A sharp choice for wealth transfer

Ron M.B.A. ’86 and Liane Nicol were recently interviewed by Ashlea Ebeling ’87 from Forbes for the article, Precision Wealth Transfer with a CLAT. The article focuses on how charitable lead annuity trusts (CLAT) offer a unique opportunity for donors to provide fixed payments to a charity for a set numbers of years with the remaining balance transferred to children or other loved ones.

A CLAT may allow you to provide significant support for Duke while also potentially providing a gift to your heirs outside the probate process and free of estate taxes. This means your gift to Duke may be made at little or no cost to heirs in terms of their ultimate inheritance. Plus, low interest rates make this a particularly good time to establish a CLAT.

We hope you enjoy the article and please contact our team of charitable planning experts today if this is something you would like to explore.

Be sure to also read more about Ron and Liane’s story here.


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