Duke Reunions 2020: Revisit the past. Create a legacy for the future.

Greetings, Class of 1970!

We have been busy planning for our upcoming 50th Reunion at Duke, April 17-19, 2020. I hope to see you there for a beautiful spring weekend! Be sure to visit our website at dukereunions.com/1970 for more information and updates.

In addition to Annual Fund and endowment support you may be considering, I am pleased to inform you that “planned gifts” — gifts established through a will, retirement account, or other long-term plan — made by members of our class this reunion year will count in our reunion gift total. Thank you so much for the wonderful response to the letter I sent you five years ago regarding planned gifts for our 45th Reunion. Now it’s time to do even better for our 50th!

I made a planned gift to benefit the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke for personal and philanthropic reasons. The museum didn’t exist when we were at Duke, but now the Nasher is an integral part of university life. It continues to produce ground-breaking exhibitions which, after opening at the Nasher, travel to major museums around the country. Other areas at Duke, old and new, are also doing amazing things and need the long-term support that planned gifts can provide. A number of our classmates have already joined me by supporting Duke in this way — since our last reunion, our class has established 9 planned gifts totaling over $1.6 million in support!

Fellow alumni from other reunion classes have stepped forward to share why they, too, have made a long-term commitment to this wonderful place. Their stories are featured below. If you would like more information about supporting Duke through a planned gift, please contact the Office of Gift Planning at (919) 681-0464 or by email at giftplanning@duke.edu.

If you have already included Duke in your plans – thank you! Be sure to give the Office of Gift Planning an estimate so your gift will be included in our totals. You may share your confidential and non-binding estimate by calling the office or by visiting giving.duke.edu/ReunionsLegacy2020 to electronically sign the Confirmation of Legacy Gift Form.

Once again, thank you for your generosity. I hope to see you in April!


P.S. Planned giving can have a powerful impact at Duke in the future, while the Annual Fund provides the vital support Duke needs now. In addition to considering a planned gift, please visit giving.duke.edu/AFplannedgiving to make your gift today.

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