Gift planning at any age: 20s and 30s

It’s a common misconception that planned giving is only for the extremely wealthy or older population.  That’s simply not true.  In fact, you’re never too young to begin planning for your charitable future.

 If you are in your 20s or 30s, it is likely that you are beginning your career.  You may have just been married and/or are starting a family.  Planned gifts can allow you to designate future support without interfering with current cash flow.

While there are multiple giving strategies for everyone, one of the best options for you to consider in your 20s and 30s is to designate Duke as the beneficiary of your retirement account.

To designate Duke to receive a gift from your retirement account, simply complete a Beneficiary Designation Form provided by the company that manages the account.  This form may even be available online once you log into your account.  You may specify a dollar amount or a percentage of the account.  Upon your passing, Duke will receive the selected portion of your retirement account.

View or download our complete Life Stage Planner to discover how a planned gift to Duke can leave a lasting legacy for the university you love while also achieving your personal and financial goals.  Contact our team to learn more

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