Go for the gift that pays you back

If you have carefully planned your retirement savings and your philanthropy, there’s a way you can combine them to benefit Duke and yourself. A charitable gift annuity enables you to give to Duke with multiple benefits for you.

Benefits of a charitable gift annuity:

  1. Support what you care about most with a gift to Duke.
  2. Receive a one-time tax deduction for a portion of your gift.
  3. Get a fixed payment for life to provide security for you or your loved ones.
  4. Direct your gift to support multiple areas at Duke.
  5. Create an endowment in your name or the name of a loved one, or add to existing endowments.
  6. If you choose a flexible charitable gift annuity, you decide when to start receiving your fixed payment.

Gift annuities can be established to pay one or two people throughout their lifetime, which make them especially attractive arrangements for many individuals or married couples who seek additional income. After you (or the individuals receiving payments) pass away, the remainder of your gift annuity will support the areas and purposes you have chosen at Duke.

The experts at Duke’s Office of Gift Planning are available to work with you and your financial advisors to set up a charitable gift annuity. Contact them today at giftplanning@duke.edu or (919) 681-8030.

Ready to learn more?

Download the 2019 Charitable Gift Annuity Guide to find out how you can make an impact at Duke that pays you back. Interested in future fixed payments when you need them most? Download the 2019 Flexible Charitable Gift Annuity Guide.

This information is provided with the understanding that neither Duke University nor the authors are providing legal, accounting, or other professional advice or counsel. Please consult your personal counsel about the financial, tax and legal implications of any gift.


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Duke University’s Office of Gift Planning specializes in charitable gift planning for estates, charitable trusts and annuities, and other complex current and future gift plans.

For more information, please contact the Duke University Office of Gift Planning at 919-681-0464 or giftplanning@duke.edu.