Make a future impact at Duke with a charitable bequest

Discover how to include Duke in your will and estate plans

Charitable bequests offer a flexible way to support the university while maintaining access to your funds in case you need them. Bequests can help you achieve your personal and financial goals while providing vital support for the Duke students, faculty, departments, and programs that matter most to you.

Two of the most common charitable bequest options:

  1. Include Duke in your will or revocable trust – also known as a living trust.
  2. Name Duke as a beneficiary of your retirement plan.

Benefits of a charitable bequest:

  • Contribute any dollar amount or percentage of your estate
  • Retain control of your assets in case you need them
  • Revise plans as your financial needs and goals change over time
  • Direct your gift to support the areas at Duke you care about most
  • Gain potential tax benefits

Ready to learn more? Download the 2024 charitable bequests guide to find out how you can make an impact at Duke far into the future.

  • Learn how to include Duke in your will and other long-term plans
  • Discover the benefits and potential tax advantages
  • Access our guide to get started

Duke’s Office of Gift Planning has charitable planning professionals who are available to work with you and your financial advisors. Contact them today at or (919) 681-0464.

This information is provided with the understanding that neither Duke University nor the authors are providing legal, accounting, or other professional advice or counsel. Please consult your personal counsel about the financial, tax, and legal implications of any gift.

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