See your gift in action and save on taxes with a charitable IRA rollover

Discover how to put your IRA to work to make an immediate impact at Duke.

For the philanthropically inclined IRA owner, a charitable IRA rollover – often called a “qualified charitable distribution” or “QCD” – may be an easy and effective way to make an impact at Duke. It allows those who are 70 ½ or older to support Duke people, places and programs with a tax-free transfer of up to $100,000 a year from an individual retirement account.


Use your IRA rollover gift to:

  • Support need-based financial aid to help the best and brightest students attend Duke.
  • Add to an existing endowment to support advancements in science and technology.
  • Be a part of Duke’s Annual Fund, a critical source of support on campus year-in and year-out.


Here’s what an IRA rollover gift may do for you:

  • Reduce your taxable income.
  • Count toward your required minimum distribution (RMD) if you are at least 72 years old.*
  • Provide a tax-efficient way to make a difference at Duke.

*The amount of a charitable IRA rollover gift that counts toward your RMD may be reduced by additions you make to a retirement account after age 70 ½. To find out if this limitation applies to you, please contact your financial advisor.


Ready to learn more? Download the 2021 charitable IRA rollover how-to guide to find out how your IRA can make a meaningful impact at Duke University.

This information is provided with the understanding that neither Duke University nor the authors are providing legal, accounting or other professional advice or counsel. Please consult your personal counsel about the financial, tax and legal implications of any gift.

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