VIDEO: Short, inspiring talks by Duke’s innovative thinkers

There are thousands of educational apps and technologies available to help children learn. How do parents and educators decide which app or tool works best?

All humans have 50 trillion cells in our bodies that begin with the same genetic code. What causes some of the cells to change and evolve into a cancer?

Duke faculty, students, and alumni are addressing some of our world’s most pressing challenges through their research. We invited these Duke leaders to join us on the road at Duke Forward events across the United States and abroad to share their research, revelations, and answers to big questions.

Watch nine new Ideas That Move the World Forward videos in our online library featuring our Duke faculty, students, and alumni speakers at Duke Forward: On the Road.

Early detection is instrumental for treatment success in breast cancer patients. Discover how Duke undergraduate student Brittany Wenger ’17 is leading an innovative approach for breast cancer diagnoses by utilizing technology and the cloud.

Listen as Duke alumnus Jay Ruckelshaus ’16 broadens our understanding of accessibility, and explores the politics of equality, access, and inclusion for all American citizens.

Learn how Geri Dawson is leading collaborations at Duke across disciplines to diagnose and treat autism in children before symptoms are even present.

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Because of your support for Duke, our faculty, students, and alumni will continue to forge real change both locally and globally. Thank you for your planned gifts to transform these ideas into reality and to truly move the world forward.

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