VIDEO: Watch how Duke faculty and students are delivering new ideas that move the world forward

Take your front row seats to discover how Duke is moving the world forward.

Check out our Ideas That Move the World Forward video library, featuring short, inspiring talks given by Duke’s leading faculty, alumni, and students at recent Duke Forward events.  Here’s just a small snapshot of the inspirational and insightful ideas you will learn about through the collection of videos:

Select from a variety of videos to see how Duke’s interdisciplinary programs and research are reshaping the educational experience.  Listen to Professor Jeremy Begbie play the piano to demonstrate how music helps us understand and shape the human experience.

Discover the valuable solutions the Duke community is creating to bring change across the nation and around the world.  Watch Professor Gary Bennett Ph.D. ’02 explain how digital technology is empowering patients to manage their health.

Hear about life-changing experiences that have set the trajectory of students’ career paths.  Learn how Pratt School of Engineering students are bringing clean water solutions to third-world countries and launching a time capsule to Mars.

Watch more than 50 new video clips in the Ideas That Move the World Forward video library.

Planned gifts to Duke set the trajectory to enable innovative ideas to move the world forward.  Your gifts provide opportunities for the amazing community of faculty and students to make a difference in the world.

Every Wednesday, Duke will feature one video on #WisdomWednesday to highlight an interesting fact or provide an inside look into what is happening at Duke.  New material will be added throughout the year, featuring more inspiring talks from Duke Forward events nationwide.

If you haven’t already, follow Duke Forward on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Join the online social conversation by following using the hashtag #WisdomWednesday to share the interesting things you learn online.

Thank you for all that you do to move Duke, and the world, forward.

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