VIDEO: What women need to know about gift planning

Women are shaping the future of philanthropy.  Yet, many do not realize the financial and economic power they hold. Anne Sherman, associate director of gift planning at Duke University, explains why gift planning can be a powerful way to provide for yourself and make a real difference at an organization, like Duke.

Watch Anne’s video and learn how everyday women—like you and me—can use gift planning as a creative way to prepare for their future.

A planned gift can be a smart way to plan for your future and could allow you to make a bigger impact than you thought possible.  The four most common ways to support Duke through a planned gift include:

  1. Naming Duke in your will
  2. Designating Duke as the beneficiary of your retirement account
  3. Establishing a gift that will pay you income for life or a term of years
  4. Donating appreciated assets – like stock or real estate

Planned gifts set the trajectory at Duke.  They bolster our academic programs, help us attract and retain quality faculty, and support medical advancements.  Many donors have found planned gifts can satisfy their personal and financial goals while allowing them to directly support their favorite Duke priorities.

We hope you found Anne’s video to be informative and empowering.  If you would like to learn more about the creative ways to support Duke through a planned gift, please visit our website, or better yet—contact us!

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Duke University’s Office of Gift Planning specializes in charitable gift planning for estates, charitable trusts and annuities, and other complex current and future gift plans.

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