Video: Why a charitable gift annuity is the gift for all seasons

As the year draws to a close, consider establishing  charitable gift annuity (CGA) at Duke. Given the many benefits it may provide, it’s easy to see why a CGA continues to be our most popular deferred giving option. 

To better illustrate how a CGA could work for you, Jeremy Arkin, director of Gift Planning shares this 3-minute gift illustration video shot on Duke’s campus.

A CGA can be part of a smart giving strategy because you can:

  •   Make an impact on the programs and places you love at Duke
  •   Receive a partial tax deduction in the year of the gift
  •   Have a fixed, guaranteed income for life

In short, with a gift of $10,000 or more, a CGA can provide future income for you and your loved ones while making a lasting impression on the Duke people and programs you are passionate about (scholarships, Athletics, Duke Gardens, etc.). 

Take a look at some sample annuity rates in the chart.

Learn more about how CGAs work and see examples by visiting our website.

Interested in making a gift now but don’t need the income until retirement? Contact the Office of Gift Planning and we would be happy to discuss with you the benefits of a deferred charitable gift annuity.

As always, we hope this information was helpful and thank you for considering a gift to this special place!

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