Celebrate your Mentor!

Has someone you know made all the difference in your Duke experience?
It could be an instructor, coach, or parent(s).
Honor them with your senior gift!

Here’s how

  1. Make your donation of any amount to anywhere at Duke—donation amounts are private.
  2. You’ll receive a thank-you email from our committee with a link to fill out the form for your mentor(s).
  3. Fill out the survey and honor up to two mentors.
  4. We’ll email a certificate with your sentiments to your mentor.

Learn why five students from the Class of 2019 chose to use their senior donation to honor those who made their time at Duke special in the videos below.

Professor Kathie Amato & Anya Bali ’19 “Kathie is the kind of professor I came to Duke for—a professor who cares about her students’ success and well-being, who brings valuable experience to the classroom, and whose energy turns lectures into memorable lessons. I learned so much in her I&E course and know that my professional future has been hugely shaped by her influence.”

Professor Ken Rogerson & Greg Pera ’19 “Professor Rogerson was the director for the Sanford Honors Thesis program while I worked towards completing my project. For two semesters, Professor Rogerson assisted in overseeing my research investigation on the relationship between corruption and education in Mexico and Brazil. Throughout this process, he offered me guidance and wisdom, advising me how I might best be able to complete this project. Above all else, he rooted for me in a way few have before, and without his unceasing support, I do not think I could have completed my thesis. I owe Professor Rogerson so much gratitude for his support.”

Samantha Hill & Lola Telo ’19 “I will always be thankful for your words of guidance and advice. You’ve been an invaluable part of my Duke experience over these past four years. The lady, the “light,” the beacon of the garage of the Graduate School. May you continue shining.”

Professor David Schaad & Charlie Pearlman ’19 “From my first day at Duke, Dr. Schaad has inspired me to make a difference as an engineer. He has facilitated my most memorable moments as a Duke student, providing me with experiences I will remember for a long time.”

Amy Arnold & Cathy Chi ’19 “Amy has been so helpful during one of my most critical times at Duke, and I’m so grateful for her time, kindness, and mentorship.”

Questions about mentoring?

Contact Samantha Hill at 919-613-5238 or samantha.hill@duke.edu.