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Young Alumni Development Council Events

A key benefit to serving on a YADC is the opportunity to attend intimate events with distinguished Duke alumni, faculty and administrators once or twice each year.  At these events, Council members not only have an opportunity to hear presentations or formal remarks on topics of interest, but attendees can engage in meaningful conversations with speakers and build significant networking contacts within the Duke community.  In addition, Councils will sometimes organize more casual, social events to strengthen contacts among Council members.

2016-2017 Events

July 12, 2016 San Francisco Dinner with Duke Engage Students
September 17, 2016 Chicago Coordinated block of tickets for Northwestern Football Game
September 24, 2016 Atlanta Game watch party at home of Banu Elizondo T'03.
September 25, 2016 San Francisco Reception with Dean Steve Nowicki
September 27, 2016 Boston Cocktail social at home of Brittany Greenfield T’07
October 22, 2016 Boston Head of the Charles Social
November 3, 2016 New York Council Dinner with DAA President Jack Boyd T'85
December 6, 2016 Los Angeles Council Dinner
December 8, 2016 Houston Founders Dinner
December 13, 2016 Washington DC Council Dinner with Ari (T'97) and Kelley (T’97) Redbord
December 14, 2016 Chicago Reception with Dean Steve Nowicki hosted by Chris (T’91) and Heather (T’91) Kempczinski
February 15, 2017 Chicago Game watch party at home of Catherine (E’12) and Tim (T’12) Schulte
February 23, 2017 Chicago Reception and “Duke/Durham” presentation with Duke AVP Scott Selig
March 1, 2017 Atlanta Reception with Dean Sue Wasiolek at home of Banu Elizondo T’03
April 7, 2017 YADC and Seniors Reception during Reunion Weekend with Student leadership donors
April 18, 2017 Boston Reception with John Caccavale, Executive Director Duke Financial Economics Center
April 28, 2017 Atlanta Womens Impact Network (WIN) reception with Lisa Borders '79
May 2, 2017 Houston Reception with Steve Nowicki
May 8, 2017 Boston Parents Council reception with Steve Nowicki
May 10, 2017 Atlanta Council Wine-Tasting
May 20, 2017 Southern California Lunch with Bill Adair, Professor of Journalism and Public Policy and founder of PolitiFact.
May 30, 2017 New York Reception with President and Mrs. Brodhead
June 15, 2017 Washington D.C. Spring gathering at new Duke in DC offices

2015-2016 Events

July 14, 2015 San Francisco Social with Duke Engage Students and Director Eric Mlyn
September 3, 2015 Washington DC Annual planning meeting for all Council
September 17, 2015 New York Josh Bissu T’02 hosted social event for graduates from 2007-2010
October 1, 2015 Los Angeles Reception at the home of Jamie Mandelbaum and Steve Byrnes
October 2-3, 2015 YADC Board Annual Meeting at Duke
October 10, 2015 Los Angeles Kickoff meeting and game watch
October 10, 2015 Washington DC BBQ and football watch at the home of Ginny (T’03) and David (T’04) Badanes
October 17, 2015 Boston Head of the Charles Event
October 29, 2015 Atlanta Recruitment event at a brewery to follow up from Duke Forward event
November 17, 2015 Chicago Lunch with Trinity College Dean Valerie Ashby
December 5, 2015 San Francisco Dinner at home of Elizabeth (T’05) & Logan (T’03) Allin
January 13, 2016 San Francisco Dinner at Local Kitchen & Wine Market
February 2, 2016 Atlanta Reception at Coca Cola hosted by Lisa Borders T’79
February 8, 2016 New York Game Watch Party
February 23, 2016 San Francisco Dinner with Trinity Dean Valerie Ashby
April 15, 2016 YADC and Seniors Reception during Reunion Weekend with Student leadership donors with Shane Battier T’01
May 19, 2016 Chicago Cocktails before Duke Forward event with speakers
June 7,2016 New York Reception at IHeartMedia hosted by Tim Castelli T’89 with Trinity Dean Valerie Ashby

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