In an unprecedented year, Duke students have overcome many challenges. The Duke community has rallied together to offer our support through encouragement, advocacy and philanthropy.

As they near the Last Day of Classes (LDOC) on Friday, April 23, now is our time to celebrate all that has been accomplished and the promise of brighter days ahead.

Let’s join together to show students that Blue Devils all around the world are ready to support them—the future of Duke! Cheer Duke students on to their last day of classes by posting a note of encouragement with #Mark4Duke and by showing your support!

COVID Did You Know?

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Lab Kits

Lab kits were sent to 231 students in six engineering classes to continue their hands-on learning experience.

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Intense Safety Protocols

Intense safety protocols were implemented so signature courses like the First-Year Design Class could be continued in person.

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Additional Financial Support

Additional financial support was provided to students for direct COVID-related needs, such as food and housing.

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Hiring World-Class Faculty

Hiring of world-class faculty continued to increase Duke’s ability to offer students new opportunities in fields like computer science.

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Over 25,000 COVID Tests

More than 25,000 COVID tests were conducted for students, faculty and staff through Duke’s innovative testing and contract tracing system.

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Duke Researchers

Researchers at Duke conducted impactful COVID-related studies on issues such as in-school transmission risk and treatments options.

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