The Duke Endowment Doctoral Fellowship Challenge offers a unique opportunity to support Ph.D. graduate fellowships within The Graduate School at Duke today and tomorrow.

In April of 2023, The Graduate School received a generous gift of $10 million from The Duke Endowment to help address the university’s pressing need for Ph.D. graduate fellowships, with $4 million of those funds earmarked for matching support to raise an additional $4 million toward this priority for a total philanthropic impact of $14 million.

Through this unique giving opportunity, our goal is to raise an additional $2.5 million for Ph.D. graduate fellowships through the matching funds from The Duke Endowment.

Donors will earn a one-to-one match at a $50,000 minimum gift level. These support funds will be available for commitments to new or existing qualifying Ph.D. graduate fellowship endowments.

Will you meet the challenge and multiply your impact today?

Options for participating in the challenge

We ask that donors consider establishing an endowed Ph.D. fellowship, or augmenting an existing Ph.D. fellowship, to provide The Graduate School with the critical resources it needs to attract and support the most talented up-and-coming scholars. Unrestricted and restricted fellowship endowments supporting doctoral fellowships are eligible for matching funds.

With a gift of $50,000 (or $10,000 a year for five years), your fellowship would support graduate students in any program. With a gift of $150,000 (or $30,000 a year for five years), you could restrict your fellowship to students in a specific graduate program.

Create a Better Duke

The Graduate School at Duke offers doctoral programs in more than 70 departments and programs of study. Fellowships are one of the primary considerations of doctoral applicants. These fellowships also maintain and strengthen Duke’s continued prestige by helping us recruit the brightest graduate students who have their choice of top schools. Having the best students means Duke can do cutting-edge research to support our faculty in the pursuit of discovery and innovation.

Learn more about The Duke Endowment Doctoral Fellowship Challenge Fund and how to secure your matching funds today. The Graduate School has charitable planning professionals available to work with you and your advisors. Contact Angela Eberts, Director of Development for The Graduate School, at