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Annual Fund Advisory Board

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Duke University Annual Fund Advisory Board

The Duke University Annual Fund Advisory Board (AFAB) made up of alumni from a variety of disciplines who are charged with supporting the Duke Annual Fund. AFAB members work closely with the Annual Fund staff to ensure that philanthropic goals are met and that its programs effectively promote the mission of the Annual Fund. Individually and collectively, AFAB members provide strategic guidance to help drive the organization forward and address current and future issues affecting the Annual Fund.


Ari Redbord A.B.’97
Co-Chair of the Advisory Board

Lynne Cohen Wolitzer A.B.’87, P'16
Co-Chair of the Advisory Board

  • Christopher Abate A.B.'92

  • Alan Abramson A.B.'80, M.E.M.'09, P'09, P'12

  • Geeta Aora A.B.'99

  • Fouad Bashour A.B.'98

  • Keith Bennert B.S.'83, P'15, P'16

  • Beth Benson A.B.'84, P'15, P'16

  • Geoff Benson A.B.'92

  • Wendy Johnson Bilas A.B.'85, P'17

  • Greg Bosch A.B.'85

  • Jim Caldwell A.B.'67

  • Tim Castelli A.B.'89

  • Nick Diluzio M.F.'10

  • Andrew Hananel B.S.'01

  • Mami Hidaka A.B.'88

  • Catherine Hertzig Holden A.B.'94

  • Chris Jordan A.B.'83, M.B.A.'08

  • Sharon Marcil A.B.'88

  • Katie McClay A.B.'01

  • Catie Meyer A.B.'90

  • Richard Parisi A.B.'96

  • Maggie Peloso B.S.'05, M.E.M.'06, Ph.D.'10

  • Kelley Pagliai Redbord B.S.'97

  • Russ Richards J.D.'74, P'03, P'10, P'15, P'19

  • Neil Roth A.B.'87, M.D.'91

  • Crystal Sanders A.B.'05

  • Ruth Calvin Scharf B.S.N.'80, P'16

  • Barry Schneirov B.S.E.'85, P'17

  • Justin Simons A.B.'97

  • David Smith B.S.E.'84

  • Mark Spiegel A.B.'68, P'06

  • Ann Humphrey Taylor B.S.N.'84, P'17

  • Ed Thomas A.B.'98

  • Ledi Sivewright Trutna B.S.E.'85, P'17

  • Gabe Tsuboyama B.S.E.'00

  • Jenny Michael Varner A.B.'99, M.P.P.'05

  • Rahul Vinnakota A.B.'00

  • Anthony Vitarelli A.B.'05

  • Lee Waite M.B.A.'83, P'15

  • Sue Wasiolek A.B.'76, M.H.A.'78, LL.M.'93

  • Michael Wolitzer A.B.'86, P'16