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Gift Planning
Gifts of Real Estate

Retained life estate in property may generate a current income tax deduction by giving a home or farm to Duke, while retaining the right to use the property during your lifetime. The property will also be removed from your taxable estate.

A gift of real estate may be a principal residence or vacation home, a farm, a commercial building, a subdivision lot or unimproved land. The gift may be the entire property or a fractional interest in the property. 

To optimize these advantages, the donor should own the real estate for at least one year, and the property should not be encumbered by a mortgage or other debt.

Benefits of donating real estate:

  • Receive an income tax deduction for the full market value of the real estate.
  • Avoid paying capital gains taxes on the appreciation built up in the property.
  • Donate outright or establish a gift that pays you an income—or both.
  • Support an area of Duke you feel most passionate about.

We’re more than a campus in Durham; we are each of you. Only through your support can we continue to save lives, discover treatments and cures, reinvent education, and anchor communities around the world. Our fiscal year ends on June 30 – please make your gift today.