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Gift Planning
Gifts of Securities

Gifts of securities, including appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds, may provide special tax advantages.

By donating appreciated securities that you have owned for longer than one year, you receive the same income tax savings as you would by making a gift of cash or by check. You also avoid tax on the capital gains built up in donated securities.

Visit our Blueprints blog for our frequently asked questions about gifts of privately held securities.

Benefits of gifts of securities:

  • Claim an income tax deduction for the full market value of the securities.
  • Avoid paying capital gains taxes on the appreciation.
  • Donate outright or use to establish a gift that pays you an income.
  • Support the area of Duke you feel most passionate about.

Other Factors to Consider

Closely held stock, S corporation stock, limited liability company interests, and partnership interests can sometimes be used to make a charitable gift. Any proposed gift of such assets should be reviewed with Duke University and your tax advisors in advance. An S corporation, limited liability company, or partnership may also make gifts to Duke, in which case any deduction generally will be allocated proportionally among shareholders, members, or partners.


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