“Your donation allows Duke to provide future students from all walks of life with a well-rounded education and experience for years to come, especially as we begin adapting to life after COVID-19. Our goal is engagement – no matter the size of your contribution, you’ve made an important difference!”
–Malik Scott & Philip Liu SGC 2022

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Celebrate your Mentor!

Has someone you know made all the difference in your Duke experience?
It could be an instructor, roommate, or parent(s).
Honor them with your senior gift!

Here’s how

  1. Make your donation of any amount to anywhere at Duke—donation amounts are private.
  2. The following week you’ll receive a thank-you email from our committee with a link to fill out the form for your mentor(s).
  3. Fill out the survey and honor up to three mentors.
  4. We’ll email a certificate with your sentiments to your mentor.

Find YOUR Passion

You know what matters to you, find it here.

Lemur Center

Only at Duke can we protect the most endangered animals on Earth.

Marine Lab

Advancing coastal and marine science that affects us all, whether or not we made it to the beach this year.

Sustainable Duke

Educating and empowering the Duke community to create a more sustainable future.

Wellness Center

Support when we all need it, and the tests we most want to pass.

Duke Gardens

The Gardens are calling and we wish we could go.

Women’s Center

Helping every woman at Duke become self-assured with a streetwise savvy.

Nasher Museum of Art

Raising the cultural bar at Duke since 1969.

Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture

Celebrating and increasing knowledge of Black people, Black history and Black culture.

Financial Aid

Duke is hard enough, need shouldn’t be a barrier.

About Senior Giving Challenge

The Senior Giving Challenge committee partners with the Duke Annual Fund to raise awareness in the senior class about the role of philanthropy in the Duke experience, and to encourage seniors to make a donation of any amount to any area at Duke before they graduate.

A significant amount of financial aid, faculty support, classroom upgrades as well as research and program costs are made by possible by philanthropic donations.

Make Your Donation

  1. Any amount: Don’t let the amount be a barrier – even $1 counts! What donation amount is meaningful to you? Consider $20.22 to honor your class year. Donations $100+ make you a Senior Leadership Donor.  Give via credit cardflex, Venmo or the Duke Mobile App with Apple Pay/Google Pay.
  2. Any area at Duke: What areas at Duke are important to you? Designate your donation where you want to make an impact. At a loss? Consider one of the Annual Funds, such as Trinity Financial Aid, or to support innovative programs, faculty research projects, and hands-on learning opportunities.
  3. Honor a mentor: Consider making your donation in honor of someone who has made a difference in your Duke experience. Donors and their honorees will be invited in the spring to enjoy a cup of coffee on campus paid for by the Senior Giving Challenge. Details to come. (All donation amounts are private).

Get Involved

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Senior Giving Challenge committee or have questions, please contact Randi Cromer at (919) 613-9373, randi.cromer@duke.edu.