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Welcome to Duke Next G.E.N.— a program to serve the next generation of philanthropic and volunteer leaders as they Give, Engage, and Network. Duke was founded on the belief that there is power in numbers and that every gift matters when it comes to the collective impact of philanthropy.

You, as the most recent graduates, have the power to shape the future of Duke.

(for graduates 0-4 years out)

(for graduates up to 15 years out)



What difference does your dollar make?

A huge difference when combined with thousands of others. Without the collective generosity of a broad community, Duke would not exist today.

Your philanthropy today will help pave the way for Duke’s changemakers of tomorrow.

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Are you a natural influencer or the go-to organizer of your friend group?

Take your leadership to the next level and put your talents to use. Join one of the Duke Next G.E.N. leadership groups, attend an event, volunteer or put your creative skills on display by engaging with Duke socials.

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Duke Next G.E.N. Leadership Council (graduates up to 15 years out)

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Think your network is complete?

Think again. The connections you make as a student are just the beginning. Whether you’re looking for friends in a new city, your next career move or even advice on which mortgage to go with, the Duke network reaches far and wide and is always nearby.

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Your gift to a Duke Annual Fund is important. Why?

Because gifts of all sizes add up. That’s how annual funds work! It takes thousands of donors giving to make a collective impact so that Duke can cover the many costs that simply aren’t met by tuition income and other sources of revenue.

Made Possible By You


Of undergraduate students receive financial aid


Students Taking Service Learning And Community Engaged Courses


Engineering Undergraduates In First-Year Design Lab


Duke Students Participate In Duke In The Gardens Academic Collaborations

Upcoming Events

June 6, 2024
DNLC Reception hosted by Josh Bissu T’03
Location TBD | New York, NY
*Invitation only

Nov. 8-10, 2024
Next G.E.N. Board Weekend
Durham, NC

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