A donor advised fund (DAF) is a charitable account administered by a sponsoring nonprofit organization, or “sponsor,” for the purpose of supporting the charities you care about most. When you contribute to a DAF, you receive an immediate tax deduction and the flexibility to recommend grants to your favorite charitable organizations over time. As the person who can recommend how the sponsor distributes grants from your fund, your role is referred to as the “advisor.”

How it works

  • Give: Open a DAF with a sponsoring organization and make a contribution to it. Many donors simply contribute cash, but sponsoring organizations are usually able to accept gifts of appreciated stock or other assets as well. You’ll receive an immediate income tax deduction.
  • Invest: The sponsoring organization may provide the opportunity for you to recommend an investment strategy for your fund from a range of options.
  • Grant: Recommend grants to qualified U.S. public charities – like Duke – and support the causes that matter most to you.

Each sponsor of a DAF program will have rules regarding minimum fund size, grant size, fees, investment options, and other guidelines. Please consider these carefully before establishing your DAF.

How to make a donor advised fund grant to Duke
for immediate impact:

  1. Contact your DAF sponsor to recommend a one-time or recurring grant to Duke. When making a grant, your donor advised fund may need Duke’s mailing address and Tax ID.
  2. Contact a Duke fundraiser you are already working with, or Duke’s Office of Gift Planning, to let the university know of your DAF recommendation so we can appropriately acknowledge your generosity and ensure that your grant is allocated according to your desires and any grant restrictions.
  • Mailing Address
    Alumni & Development Records
    Duke University
    Box 90581
    Durham, NC 27708
  • Tax ID

Please note: There are several factors to consider when making a DAF grant to Duke. Download our donor advised fund how-to guide for details.

How to make a donor advised fund grant to Duke
for future impact:

A DAF can be a useful and tax-efficient tool for supporting charities you care about in the near term and can often be incorporated into your longer-term philanthropic plans. Most sponsors will allow you to designate which charities will receive the remaining balance of your DAF subsequent to your passing. This can be a great way to support your passions at Duke with a legacy gift.

  1. Contact your DAF sponsor for a beneficiary form to designate Duke University to receive a portion of your DAF after you pass away. You may need to specify Duke’s tax ID: 56-0532129.
  2. In order to designate your legacy DAF gift to a specific use on campus – such financial aid or support for a school or program – contact Duke’s Office of Gift Planning to discuss your options.

When you name Duke to receive a portion of your DAF as a testamentary gift, please let us know! We would like the opportunity to thank you personally for your generosity. Plus, knowing your intentions in advance will help us ensure that your gift will be allocated as you desire.