Gift planning at any age: 40s and 50s

Gift planning can be a smart way to leave a lasting impression at a charity, like Duke, while achieving your personal and financial goals.  There are many options for every life stage.

If you are in your 40s and 50s, you probably have an established career.  It’s likely you are thinking about how to save for some large expenses such as your children’s college tuition, retirement, or long-term care for your parents.  You may also have an investment portfolio that has appreciated over the years.  Planned giving can provide strategic solutions to reach your future plans.

Two smart giving strategies you may wish to consider in your 40s and 50s are to:

1.  Include a bequest to Duke in your will

Adding Duke to your estate plan is an easy way to provide future support without interfering with your current finances.  Since this is a non-binding gift, you may change it at any time, depending on your circumstances.  You may find sample bequest language on our website.

2.  Donate gifts of securities

Donating appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that you’ve owned longer than one year can provide significant tax savings. Plus, your outright gift will have an immediate impact at Duke. Visit our gifts of securities page to learn more about this giving option.

View or download our complete Life Stage Planner to discover how a planned gift to Duke can leave a lasting legacy for the university you love while also achieving your personal and financial goals. Contact our team to learn more.

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Duke University’s Office of Gift Planning specializes in charitable gift planning for estates, charitable trusts and annuities, and other complex current and future gift plans.

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