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AED Staff Directory

Roy C. Ashley

Web Developer / Tech Lead

roy.ashley@duke.edu 919-613-0434
Leslie G. Baker

Multimedia Content Producer

leslie.g.baker@duke.edu 919-681-9473
Rebecca A Baldwin

Digital Content Editor

rebecca.baldwin@duke.edu 919-684-2538

Regions: NC

Gordon Adam Barnes

Project Planner I

adam.barnes@duke.edu 919-613-6136
Bryan D. Bassett

Graphic Designer

bryan.bassett@duke.edu 919-668-6704
Andrea Billups

Executive Director -- Editorial

andrea.kneeland@duke.edu 919-684-5909
Sarah Brickman

Assistant Director, Donor Engagement

sarah.brickman@duke.edu 919-613-2405
Elizabeth A. Bryan

Stewardship Coordinator

elizabeth.bryan864@duke.edu 919-613-5225
Brandolyn C Chieco

Assistant Director of Fundraising Communications

brandolyn.chieco@duke.edu 919-681-8030
Adriana V DiFranco

Senior Copywriter

adriana.difranco@duke.edu 919-627-8784
Tom Dominick

Executive Director

tdom@duke.edu 919-681-0432
Benjamin Gildea

Director, Fundraising Communications

benjamin.gildea@duke.edu 919-681-8913
Tyler Malik Gilmore

Staff Assistant

tyler.gilmore@duke.edu 919-613-9659
Delecia S. Hatcher

Staff Specialist

delecia.hatcher@duke.edu 919-684-2875
Corbie Hill

Staff writer

corbie.hill@duke.edu 919-428-4757
Christina L. Holder

Executive Director

christina.holder@duke.edu 919-684-8310
Megan R Hujber

Communications Specialist, Writer

megan.hujber@duke.edu 919-684-5916
Scott Huler

Senior Writer

scott.huler@duke.edu 919-684-2863
Gregory L. Jenkins

Senior Writer

greg.jenkins@duke.edu 919-684-5252
Sophia V Johns

Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications

sophia.johns@duke.edu 919-681-7274
Debra Liner

Stewardship Coordinator, Principal Gifts

debra.liner@duke.edu 919-613-6263
Sarah M Linkhorn

Stewardship Coordinator

sarah.linkhorn@duke.edu 919-660-2263
Courtney J Mascarella

Senior Stewardship Coordinator - Annual Fund

courtney.mascarella@duke.edu 919-668-3465
Christine N. Mayer-Patel

Stewardship Coordinator

christine.mayer-patel@duke.edu 919-681-7978
Sarah L. McGreevy

Principal Gifts Stewardship and Project Specialist

sarah.mcgreevy@duke.edu 919-613-1437
Kelly Morrison

Office Manager

kelly.morrison@duke.edu 919-681-0456
Katie Peoples

Assistant Director, Fundraising Communications

katie.peoples@duke.edu 919-681-0407
Maggie A Sandy

Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications

Michael Schinelli

Executive Director of Digital Content Strategy

michael.schinelli@duke.edu 919-613-0431

Regions: NA

Joseph E. Sorensen

Web Developer / Tech Lead

joseph.sorensen@duke.edu 919-684-0804
DeShelia A Spann

Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Communications

deshelia.spann@duke.edu 919-681-0449
Tracey M. Temne

Associate Vice President

tracey.temne@duke.edu 919-681-0448
Rodney Thompson

Digital Communications Specialist

rodney.thompson500@duke.edu 919-684-2123
Gina Vizvary

Executive Director of Stewardship

gina.vizvary@duke.edu 919-681-0479
Simone I. Watson

Marketing Specialist

simone.watson@duke.edu 919-681-0428
Mark J. Wienants

Assistant Director, Digital Communications

mark.wienants@duke.edu 919-684-3246
Christopher Zukas

Assistant Director, Donor Engagement

christopher.zukas@duke.edu 919-613-2405

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